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Warrior & K9 Smooch
Warrior & K9 Smooch

Smooch Your Pooch

So you want to partake in the K9s Smooch Your Pooch Movement?

Smooch Your Pooch is an awareness and fundraising movement by K9s For Warriors. We rescue dogs to rescue post-9/11 veterans from the invisible wounds of war, such as PTSD, traumatic brain injury and military sexual assault.

Spending time loving on a pet is proven to have multiple physiological benefits for humans. Giving and receiving affection from service dogs especially helps those who suffer from PTSD in ways like:

  • Bringing the veteran out of isolation by connecting them socially to those around them and their service animal
  • Reminding the veteran that there is no present danger
  • Redirecting focus to the loving service dog, rather than feelings of depression, panic or anxiety
How you will make a difference in the K9s Smooch Your Pooch Movement
  1. Your posts will help spread awareness of our mission to save veterans' lives.
  2. Smooching a pooch will give everyone who does it warm and loving feelings - happiness is contagious!
  3. When people give, we'll be able to serve more veterans in need, faster. The ripple effect this has on rescue dogs, and veterans' families and friends is priceless.

K9s Smooch Your Pooch How To Guide

  1. Accept the challenge
  2. Record: Take a Smooch Your Pooch Selfie
  3. Upload your photo and tag K9s For Warriors and use #k9spoochsmooch
  4. Give $5 donation
  5. Tag 5 friends

K9s For Warriors appreciates your help and support!

(Source: https://habri.org/research/ptsd/)
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